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Happy Thoughts. Happy Mind. Happy Smile Company

August 22, 2016

Everyone wants to be happy in life, but how many of us put enough time aside from work and family to focus on taking steps towards it?

The Happy Smile Company is pleased to announce its highly anticipated launch at the end of this month. Combining a complete range of personalised dental plans with a full collection of health and wellbeing services, all within one state-of-the-art practice based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Our aim is to offer our members a range of supportive services promoting a healthy physical and mental lifestyle, all in one centre. Improving wellbeing in all aspects of life is at the forefront of our driving ambition; enforcing that message by providing outstanding customer care backed by a team of leading experts.

Services provided by The Happy Smile Company cover a wide range of treatments, from dentistry and cosmetic procedures through to counseling, nutrition and acupuncture. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest skilled experts in each field to ensure an expert level of service is provided.

Our Founder, Aakash Mavani, grew up in the Watford area and feels extremely passionate about giving back to the local community. We’ll be working with local counsellors to try and provide free counselling sessions, as well as providing yoga & exercise classes to the general community with the free hire of our studio.

The idea of combining dental care and wellbeing was born from Aakash’s personal experiences with the services offered within the practice, as well as his many years of expertise within the dental care profession. This enthused him to offer a professional multi-service environment, enabling others to benefit from leading experts in their fields within one location.

The Happy Smile Company offers a way of mapping out your goals in order to achieve an improved sense of wellbeing. Whilst all the services we offer are beneficial in their own right, we believe that presenting a plan to patients that blends supporting treatments offers a cohesive path to wellbeing. Affordability and quality for our patients is paramount to us.
Our ‘two-way street’ approach to your care ensures that you know exactly what to expect from your plan, as well as giving you activities to improve wellbeing away from the practice.

‘My aim is to provide you with the best possible service we can. We want to help facilitate your oral health and wellness goals. Wellbeing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level are of huge importance to me and are deeply embedded in my family values and is rooted in everything I aim to do. Bringing these values through in this practice are of utmost importance and I am a huge believer in delivering a level of care to the community that is accountable and also beneficial.’
Aakash Marvani
Founder and Clinical Lead