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5 Benefits of Using Invisible Braces

June 7, 2018

The perfect smile is extremely coveted, and surprisingly attainable through the invention of invisible braces. Invisible braces are custom-made to move your teeth little by little, each tiny shift takes you a step closer to that next version of you – efficiently, gently and accurately.

The concept of braces is not new. Braces have existed since the 18th Century - though as you may have guessed, have changed considerably - one of the more recent inventions being invisible braces. A popular brand that supplies these is Invisalign, here are a few advantages of using Invisalign’s invisible braces over the more traditional metal braces.

  1. You can eat whatever you want

When you wear metal braces, it can be very easy to get food and debris stuck in them, or to even damage your braces while eating. Invisalign, however, uses a series of clear removable trays that are replaced regularly. Meaning, these aligners can be removed when you want to eat your favourite foods! (Just make sure you follow all instructions given to you by your dentist with regards to eating).

  1. They're invisible

Many young adults and teenagers can be easily embarrassed about needing braces and the stigma that comes with wearing them. Invisalign, as you may have guessed, use INVISIBLE BRACES! The trays are clear, so they aren’t as noticeable as ‘train-track’ braces.

  1. Easy brace cleaning

As they’re removable, it's much easier to clean invisible braces as you can see what you’re doing. Make sure to ask your dentist for advice on what to use to clean them.

  1. Straighter teeth are healthier teeth

Crooked teeth are more likely to catch and trap bacteria and food, so they're less likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease.

  1. Boost your confidence

No more will you need to hide your crooked teeth in pictures, or be embarrassed by your ‘cute’ gap when you talk to people. Having your teeth straightened is a sure fire way to make you feel better about yourself. And by using invisible braces, you’ll be able to see the difference each time you get new trays!

So let us give you that Happy Smile today! Our packages include:

  • 7 aligners for simple cosmetic correction
  • A full dental and orthodontic examination
  • A scale and polish
  • Complimentary teeth whitening
  • A computerized 3d model of your treatment
  • A final orthodontic retainer

Invisble Braces 1 Invisible Braces 2

To start your Invisalign treatment and get your first set of invisible braces visit www.thehappysmilecompany.com, or give our friendly team a call on 01923 679 746.